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[The Business Times Feature] Helping Firms in Branding Through Music

January 6, 2016

EIM built a 30,000-strong database of musicians based in United States, Europe, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia by 2011. It set the platform to target businesses, helping firms in branding through music, such as corporate theme songs, TV commercial jingle or streaming background environmental music through a patented solution.

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[Ascendas Feature] Banking on an Idea

January 4, 2016

Jerry Chen believes in the vision that businesses will support original content and respect copyrights, and musicians will gain the rightful recognition. When the management behind these commercial organisations are increasingly willing to pay for music, audio branding for businesses can and will bring about new developments in customer behaviour.

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[Singapore Polytechnic Feature] Music Expressions

January 2, 2016

Express in Music helps to market brands through music and song. The jingle must not be average; impression must be made for branding to be effective.

“I hope to elevate the music scene in Asia by giving opportunities to Asian musicians, in particular, to gain recognition,” Jerry Chen added in a comment on artiste management.

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[Pioneer Magazine Feature] From SAF Buddies to Business Partners

January 1, 2016

Express In Music is the pioneering company in Southeast Asia providing song personalization services through crowdsourcing. It caters to wide-ranging requests, including songs for theme songs corporate branding and product launches.

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[Straits Times Feature] Bespoke tunes strike a chord with clients

October 26, 2011

Express In Music helps musicians showcase their talent by selling customized music to customers. In just 2 years from 2009 to 2011, we have grown our pool of musicians, singers, sound engineers and songwriters from 800 to 30,000. However, many people do not see the need to respect the rights of musicians. Education needs to be done as musicians put in a lot of effort to create a piece of music.

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